Halifax DONUT Trail

Did you know the first Friday in June is National Donut DayFor all you donut lovers out there, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best spots in Halifax to fulfill your sweet tooth cravings! Read on for our top five picks for Donuts Shops in Halifax. Do yourself a favour & try more than one. 

1) Fortune Doughnut

Fortune Doughnut is the newest shop to be featured on our list, serving handmade gourmet donuts every day.
Their shop is a treat in itself, as its style and decor would make even Willy Wonka envious.
Check out their insta @fortunedoughnut 

Neighbourhood: North End Halifax

Tip: ATTN VEGANS! → They have vegan donuts!



2) Vandal Donuts

Vandal Doughnuts is considered a must-see in the Halifax donut 
scene and is the OG in town. Their shop is a favourite among locals and they offer a wide variety of rotating specials ranging from traditional classics to out-of-this world creations. Check out their insta @vandaldoughnuts

Neighbourhood: North End Halifax

Tip: If you’re going to head here, be sure to go early as they often sell out before close! 

3) LF Bakery

LF Bakery is loved among North End Haligonians and is well known for their fresh bread and pastries. This sophisticated, french-inspired spot is home to some of the best beignets (the French take on a fritter) in town. We recommend trying the Apricot beignet, a team favourite here at I Heart Bikes! Check out their insta @lfbakeryhalifax

Tip: LF Bakery, Vandals, and Fortune Doughnut are all one block away from each other. Try one from each! 

4) The Ville Caffeine Bar

The Ville is a sweet, spunky, and fresh take on your typical coffee shop. Located right near the waterfront, this shop serves drinks both hot and cold, and eats ranging from sandwiched to chocolate covered strawberries. Their Donuts are designed by Butter Bliss and (by our assessment) the prettiest donuts you’ll find.
Check out their instas here @butteredbliss and @thevillecaffienebar

Neighbourhood: Downtown // Waterfront

Tip: Follow the Ville on Instagram. Their owner’s quirk and sass is enough to make any Monday better!

**A Little Donut History! It’s said that donuts haven’t always had the classic look we see today. When they first came to the United States, these confections were brought over by Dutch immigrants and were often savoury, as sugar was hard to come by. Originally a whole ball of dough, the now common donut shape (with a hole in the middle!) was invented in order to ensure the dough cooked properly and the middle wasn’t left raw. **


5) The Old Apothecary Bakery

The Old Apothecary is the lovechild of an arts students and a culinary student, combined together with the challenges and triumphs of creating a small business. This bakery makes fresh breads and pastries, as well as beautiful handmade cakes. Check out their Insta @TOA_Bakery

Neighbourhood: Downtown

Tip: If you can’t make it to Barrington street, check out their second week-days-only location near the waterfront at 5151 Terminal Road.

This article was written by Madeleine Stinson, a Business Management & Sustainability student at Dalhousie University working this season to manage I Heart Bikes’ social media. Last updated June 2019.