Why should I take a tour with I Heart Bikes?

At I Heart Bikes we believe that Halifax is best experienced by bike. We love our city and yes we also love bikes. Combining our two passions we guarantee a unique and memorable experience that will introduce you to the greener side of the City.

Please read some of our reviews on Trip Advisor!

Should I arrive in advance for my reservation?

If you are joining us for one of our guided tours please arrive 15 to 20 minutes in advance of the departure time (Atlantic Standard Time).  A bottle of water and energy bar will be provided for each guest and is included in the price. Depending on the time of year our shop can be busy. For rentals please plan for an average of 5 to 10 minutes of wait time for your bikes on pick-up and return.

What is your cancellation policy?

I Heart Bikes has a full 24-hr Cancellation Policy for regularly schedule departures of our Best of Halifax 2.5 Hr E-Bike Tour (11:00 am and 2:00 pm) along with any rentals under a day. Private Tours & Rentals exceeding a day (24 Hrs or more) must be canceled at least two weeks in advance or are non-refundable.

Who needs to fill out a waiver?

A waiver must be completed for each individual party and must be at least 18 years of age. Please keep in mind that the individual completing the waiver is responsible for the bikes. If you do not wish to take responsibility for all bikes in your party or of other riders you are paying for, please have them complete their own waiver. A deposit is required for each completed waiver.

Is a deposit required?

A deposit is required for all bike rentals. A credit card and government issued ID (For Example: Driver’s License, Passport, Identification Card) is required to be present upon pick-up of the bikes.

Do you take private bookings?

Yes, we do take private bookings! If you would like to join one of our tours but do not see a time that fits your schedule or are looking for something custom, please contact us. We can arrange custom tours for large groups, corporate outings, and more. We can even arrange for picnic lunches!

Do you allow children on your tours?

All riders must meet our height requirement of 4’9”. Please book your tickets in advance to ensure proper sizing is available. If there is more than one child in your group please book a private tour. With a minimum booking of four people, there is no extra charge.

Are your tours available in any other languages?

With enough advance notice, private tours can be scheduled in a variety of languages. Please contact us for further information and your desired language preference.

Where do the tours start and end?

All tours start and end at I Heart Bikes located right on the Halifax Waterfront in a bright green shipping container. The closest street address is 1507 Lower Water Street, however, we are not visible from the street. Between our shop and the street is the Salter Parking Lot. Once you have arrived to the Salter Parking Lot, walk toward the waterfront. After reaching the end of the lot you will find us! If you arriving by cruise please see directions below.

What if I am coming from a cruise ship?

Please make sure you have accounted for our time zone (Atlantic Standard Time) when booking your guided tour or bike rental. We are located a 10-minute walk from the Cruise Pier. When you exit your cruise ship, turn to the right so that the Harbour is on your Right Hand Side. Continue walking along the Harbour Walk. Shortly you will come to a small green park where we are located in a Bright Green Shipping Container.

Store Closures

Please note our Halifax Waterfront Location is weather dependent. Updates regarding store hours and closures will be posted to our Facebook Page. Tours proceed rain or shine. Rain Ponchos are provided in the case of rain. Please note if you are returning a multi-day bike rental and weather may be an issue please confirm the return time or contact us on our Support Line (902 719 4325) so that we can arrange to meet you at our store.

Where can I park?

If you are arriving via car please note parking is available at the Sands at Salter Lot on Lower Water Street. Parking is $3 per hour or $16 for the day. On street metered parking is free after 6:00 pm and on weekends. Please note the Salter Lot may be closed on occasion for special events. In the situation that the Salter Lot is closed, we recommend using the Cunard Lot.

Do I tip the guide?

We love our tour guides and we are sure you will too! If you are happy with your tour experience and the performance of your guide tips are gladly accepted.

What is the minimum # of persons that you will take on a tour?

Our daily Best of Halifax E-Bike Tour will depart with a minimum of 1 person. Please book in advance to ensure space. Departures with no pre-bookings may be cancelled. Private Tours are on a case by case basis and may require a minimum of 4 people.

Do I have to book a tour in advance?

You do not have to book your tickets in advance, however, our tours can fill up quickly and you may be left without a spot. Our daily Best of Halifax E-bike Tour is now available to purchase online. When you book at least 24 hrs in advance you receive a pre-booking discount of $10.

What happens if your storefront is closed and I have a reservation for a bike rental?

The I Heart Bikes storefront is weather dependent. Booked tours proceed rain or shine. If you aren’t sure if we are open due to weather concerns please check our live web cam on our website or check our Facebook Page . Updates regarding storefront closures are posted immediately. If you have an existing reservation for bike rentals or need to contact us urgently, please use our Support Line at (902) 719 4325.

Does the tour still proceed in the rain?

All scheduled tours proceed rain or shine. In the case of rain, we will provide all riders with a rain poncho at no additional charge. If you do not wish to bike in the rain please notify us at least two hours prior to your tour departure and we will gladly reschedule your tour.

What kind of bikes do you provide during the daily tour?

Our Best of Halifax E-Bike Tour uses OPUS WKND E-Bikes making hills a breeze and getting around Halifax effortless. Tours that are booked privately are available in both standard bikes or E-bikes.

Is water included in the tour?

Every rider is provided with a bottle of water for all our guided tours. During the tour you will have numerous opportunities to stop and hydrate!

What if I want to keep my bike for the rest of the day?

With any tour you receive 20% off the price of a day or hourly rental. This discount does not apply to multi-day rentals and is subject to availability.

I’m worried that I won’t be able to complete the tour, what kind of skill set do you need?

Our team at I Heart Bikes is dedicated to help even the most timid of riders feel confident and comfortable on the road. Having said that all riders should have prior experience riding a bike. We ask that all tour customers be able to start and stop your bike without falling off and be able to change gears while riding. If you are nervous or unsure, come visit us at the shop beforehand. We’ll get you familiar with the bike and help you decide if the tour is right for you or not.

Do offer non-ebike tours?

Yes we do. Please refer to our guided tours page for a full list of our tours.

What is the height requirement for the tours?

In order to participate in our daily Best of Halifax 2.5 Hr E-Bike tour a minimum height of 4’9” is required. If you or members of your group do not meet the 4’9” requirement, please contact us directly to discuss your options.

What should I bring for the tour?

Our tours are intended to be suitable for a variety of skill sets. We suggest wearing comfortable clothes and shoes. Most guests bring a camera as well as a small amount of cash.

How do the Electric Bikes work?

Our E-bikes are easy to use and don’t function much differently than a regular bike. With the help of our staff we will get you quickly acquainted to our E-bikes and you will be off in no time. Using the Shimano Steps E-bike System you can easily adjust the amount of assist you would like making any hill or distance trek a breeze. Our E-bikes have a range up to 125km. Please note riders must still meet our basic requirements for riding a bike.

How do you change a flat?

Flats happen! If you intend on riding outside the city or are looking to complete a longer trek you should know how to change a flat. All our bike rentals include a tube replacement (Or patch kit by request) and carry all the equipment necessary for changing a flat. If you get a flat and need help please contact our storefront at 902 406 7774. Please remember to find the source of the flat. If your tire has been punctured by a small object like glass you will want to remove it to avoid another flat after your hard work.

Please note all our bikes are equipped with disc brakes. Disc brakes must be both disengaged to remove the wheel and re-engaged once the tire is reinstalled.  

If you are stuck please call us. We are happy to help.

How do I know if the car rack will fit on my vehicle and how do I install it?

The Sport Rack we rent fits most hatch backs, SUVs and Sedans. We chose this model due its flexible nature and adaptability to fit most vehicles. Please watch this You Tube Video to see how to properly install the rack. We promise it will help. If you get stuck and need help installing the rack on your car, please ask one of our staff.

How do I use the Ibert infant carrier?

The Ibert is super easy to use and kids love it. Please watch this You Tube Video for a demonstration on how to install the Ibert. With any regular rental we will gladly install the Ibert Child Seat for you.

Can I put pets in the Child Chariot?

Currently, our child chariots are restricted to the use of children only. This year we are excited to add an exclusive pet chariot for our canine friends.

What does your damage insurance include?

We offer optional daily damage insurance. Our basic standard insurance covers damages up to $100. It does not include theft, non-return of the bike or intentional abuse. The most common damages we see are: damaged brake levers, broken or damaged derailleurs, and untrue wheels.

We also offer extended damage insurance for our E-bikes. This insurance covers damages up to $250. It does not include theft, non-return of the bike, intentional abuse or any damage to the batteries. For full details on our damage insurance please contact us.