I Heart Bikes was started in 2011 after Sarah, a local university student, decided that she wanted to start a business that contributed positively to her community and the environment. How she came to choose the bicycle is an interesting story.

As a student, Sarah’s used bike was stolen in 2009. Shortly after that, a friend gifted her an upright, more traditional bicycle with a basket. “The bike I had, was old and used. I only rode it to and from class and never really thought about it. The bike I received from my friend after that really started to change the way I interacted with the city. The bicycle was upright with a basket. With this bike, I didn’t have to think about what I wore when I hopped on my bike. That’s when cycling really started to change my life and become an important part of my lifestyle.

In 2011 after graduating Sarah decided that she would open a small bike rental business on the Halifax waterfront with 10 bikes. “No one else was providing bike rentals and I felt it was an interesting way to engage people around the bike and get them out creating new experiences in the city. Halifax is a beautiful city with lots of green spaces and quiet side streets to explore and I wanted to help people enjoy that by bike

Today I Heart Bikes has over 50 bikes and continue’s to grow each year. In 2018 I Heart Bikes became a member of 1% for the Planet, dedicating 1% of their gross revenue towards planting trees in Atlantic Canada each year.